In the Great Green Room

Hello there.

It’s been a while.

And for that I am very sorry.

See, even though I have missed you very much, I haven’t had much to say.

That’s not true.

What I mean is that I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to say.

I’ve felt for a long time that story I was telling here had come to an end. A healthy young dad had learned to accept the limits of a broken body, finding what joy he could in a new, smaller world. It even had a hopeful, if not a little bittersweet epilogue. This wasn’t the story I’d set out to tell, but it was how my life unfolded. And I am proud of it, both for how I dealt with the experiences and for how I documented them.

And second, in these times of incredible uncertainty I’ve had more questions than answers. What of meaning can you say during a time when every news cycle can completely upset our lives? How do you reflect on what is going on around you when it is so unclear where it might be going? How can you help? It’s hard not to feel very small in a world like this one.


A lot is still happening in the great green room,

And I’ve settled on the fact that it is a mistake not to write this chapter just because the last one ended,

And a mistake not to think critically about where you are just because you can’t be sure where you are going.

What should you expect from this version of Lesser Places? Kids and gear, and forests and canyons, and hunting and fishing, and naps and snacks, all the things you loved, just a little older and a little wiser than they were before.

Beyond that, no promises.

I’m just glad to have you here with me.


Max Wilson is a born and raised Arizonan with a love for all that is beautiful and strange about the Southwest. He studied at Arizona State University, where he received his PhD in ecology. He writes here at Lesser Places, occasionally for Backpacker, and even more occasionally for scientific journals. You can follow him on twitter @maxomillions.

8 thoughts on “In the Great Green Room

    1. Thanks man! Hopefully we get everyone vaccinated soon and it will be safer to head out to some of the usual haunts. It’s been fun following along on your site/IG in the meantime!


      1. No doubt! I’m sure it will be back to some semblance of normal before we know it! Thanks! Also congrats on number 3 for you! We are expecting our first coming soon so I’ve been enjoying reading through your adventures and misadventures with small children in the great outdoors!

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      2. That’s so exciting! Congratulations!!! The last thing you need is another person offering advice, but splurge on the Ergobaby carrier for when they are little and the Osprey Poco packs once they can hold their head up. If you have a good pack nothing makes a little one happier than being outdoors with their parents. Once you guys are feeling up to it let’s figure out a time to get the babies together out in the woods.


  1. We held up very well in spite of everything. I know how blessed we are AND we had two new grandchildren during the shut-down; there were considerably less visitors in Yosemite all summer; and I had more time with my hubby….all good things. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations on the new grandchildren!!! Both my and my wife’s parents have had two grandchildren come along during the shut down and they’ve both mentioned how hard it has been on them not to be able to visit. The moment everyone gets vaccinated we’re off to California so Angie’s family can meet our littlest one. Hopefully this will all be behind us soon!

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