Lesser Places Turns Three, Celebrates by Hitting You Right in the Feels

PEOPLE OF LESSER PLACES: Our little site has turned 3!

In the past we’ve celebrated such things by picking out the best post from each month since the site started. However picking out 36 posts seemed like a lot of work, so instead I decided to focus on what we do best: absurdly long gear reviews with more literary allusions and quotes from podcasts than useful information HITTING YOU RIGHT IN THE FEELS. Below you’ll find my 10 favorites. Some feels are funny, some feels are sad, but I promise after you get done reading these you will have felt all the feels.

Thanks for coming along. It’s been a hell of a ride.

10.) Small streams and tiny fishing partners


Our little fishing hole will still be there, waiting for us to introduce our newest member. I, for one, can’t wait.

9.) The Disappearing Middle Class of Outdoors Lovers


Jack is getting old enough to have opinions now. Too soon these opinions are going to shift from which sippy cup he wants to whether he wants to go hiking with his old man. And that’s okay.

8.)  In the Belly of the Whale


Stay gold, Pony Boy.

7.) The eternal sunshine of the spotless landscape



The land is patient, the land is kind.

6.) Oh, the places you went! Saying goodbye to a pair of hiking pants



If we should meet at the Great Trailhead in the Sky,

Know that it’s because some other pants let me die.

We went to great places

But today is your day.

Thank you for everything,

Godspeed on your way.”

5.) The Best Laid Plans


Checkov’s Apple Fritter

4.) In defense of cabins; or, wow my kid is super cute


Cabin posts aren’t about The Cabin.

3.) Now, More than Ever, We Need Nature



By the time we reached our destination we were exhausted, but our minds were spotless.

2.) Getting better at getting better


Getting better is going to require getting better at getting better. It will take practice and time, patience and learning. Getting better will make me better. A better hiker, a better fisherman, and probably a better person. Yet, as I schedule my billionth doctor’s appointment, as I get ready for another day of PT, all I want is mountains and all I hope for is to be outside again.

1.) On the simple and profound sadness that comes from losing a place



Forests change, faster than we thought. Life changes, faster than we thought. Forces of impossible strength move us, shake us, alter us in ways we can’t imagine or predict. And our little family is stuck in the middle, struggling to think like mountains, and searching for what all this means to us.

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Max Wilson is a graduate student studying ecology at Arizona State University. He writes here at Lesser Places, occasionally for Backpacker.com, and even more occasionally for scientific journals. You can follow him on twitter @maxomillions.

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