What to do when your doctor has banned you from hiking, fishing, and generally having fun: A complete list

1.) Sulk

2.) Sulk

3.) Practice your backyard casting.


4.) Sulk

5.) Sulk

6.) Go for a hike walk in a park

7.) Realize that your doctor was right and hiking walking in the park hurts quite badly

8.) Sulk

9.) Sulk

10.) Think about using all this time to be more productive in your day job better

11.) Remember you aren’t disciplined enough to do #10

12.) Sulk

13.) Sulk

14.) Find more dog accounts to follow on Instagram

15.) Sulk

16.) Feel nostalgic looking at old pictures

17.) Feel even more nostalgic looking at really old pictures

19.) Sulk

20.) Drink

21.) Dunkenly sulk

22.) Ignore doctors orders, experience unimaginable pain


23.) Sulk

24.) Plan a trip for every season of the next year, just in case you’re better by then

25.) Sulk sulk sulk

26.) Write a 1300 word review of a fly reel


27.) Get hopeful, try doing something fun


28.) Spend the next two days recovering from that fun thing

29.) Sulk sulk sulk sulk sulk sulk

30.) Hope

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Max Wilson is a graduate student studying ecology at Arizona State University. He writes here at Lesser Places, occasionally for Backpacker.com, and even more occasionally for scientific journals. You can follow him on twitter @maxomillions.

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