Aravaipa Canyon, a Love Letter

Dear Aravaipa Canyon,

You don’t know me, but I am in love with you.

Aravaipa CanyonSince we are just getting to know each other you should probably know that my first instinct is to be an ass. I am sarcastic. I can be mean. My first reaction when someone falls down is to laugh. Basically, I am a jerk.


But it’s been months since I last saw you and I still can’t think of a bad thing to say about you. Sometimes, if I’ve been drinking too much, I’ll find myself sitting at my computer staring at pictures of you. I think you might have broken me.

Araviapa Canyon

Maybe it’s your cool water,

Aravaipa Canyon

Or, maybe it’s your sheer walls,

Aravaipa Canyon

Or, maybe it’s the way you make me feel small,

Aravaipa Canyon

Regardless, I don’t know what your secret is. I don’t want to know what your secret is.




Click here for details on the hike, or here for details on the (kinda arduous) permitting process.

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15 thoughts on “Aravaipa Canyon, a Love Letter

    1. Thanks! I don’t say this often, but it is soooooo easy to take good pictures there– slap on a wide angle lens and the canyon does all the work for you.

      It’s pretty much in the middle of no where, on the back way to Tucson from Phoenix, about 2 hours SE of Phoenix or 3 hours NE of Tucson. Also, permitting is pretty annoying (or amazing, if you don’t like seeing people). The BLM only allows 50 ppl/day in, 20 of which have to enter on the 4×4 only east trailhead. Best to plan way, way ahead if you can.

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  1. Wonderful. Powerful. Thank you. I was there a year ago and returning is the most important spiritual experience I have planned while I remain on this earth.


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      1. My main concern is getting a permit on short notice which I know is difficult. I had planned to come out in Spring but now am uncertain.


      2. Yeah, spring and fall are a complete pain for permits, especially the weekends. Last time I checked permits come available 13 weeks in advance, and they usually last a few days before drying up. I hope you get to make a trip back!


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